St. Louis Wedding Videography By Jason Gibson Films:

Alex & Jaimi Love Story

I know Alex from my days of playing some very serious high school baseball. Very, Very serious. Very serious until I was cut my senior year, never to play again. Good times. But thats a different story that I can embellish you with later. Back to Alex.
Over the years we kept in touch through the wonders of Myspace and Facebook with occasional pleasantries. When I noticed that his status was updated to engaged I had this burning desire to contact him. I was already booked for his wedding day, so I suggested we shoot a Love Story for him to share with his friends and family. It seemed like a great opportunity to catch up and rehash some jokes about old gym coaches. We set up a day for me to spend with Alex & Jaimi in the city they met in, Carbondale Il. It was great getting to meet Jaimi! I can tell that she is genuinely excited for what is coming in their future! It was a great day that I already look back on and can’t help but smile about! I am so excited for them to share this with their guests tomorrow at their reception! We wish them all the best with their future! Be sure to check out my Favorite Frames below the video! Enjoy!